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If statement actionscript 2.0
If statement actionscript 2.0

If statement actionscript 2.0

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actionscript 2.0 statement if

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Here is the correct syntax. Previous: Next You can test for more than one condition using the if..else if conditional statement. Use braces ( {} ) for if statements. trace("variable 1 is greater than or equal to variable 2");. Flash CS4 Professional ActionScript 2.0. The tutorial covers if else statements as well as nested co Applies to Actionscript 2.0 A tutorial on how to use if statments in Actionscript 2.0. in not only ActionScript but most modern programming languages. What if we wanted to trace 'I am unhappy.' if isHappy is Creating a basic if – then statement in flash or actionscript is easy. Aug 29, 2006 - Learn how to use if and else statements to branch your code based on true or false conditions. Conditionals are special tools in ActionScript that allow us to execute a specified The 'if' conditional statement could be broken into two parts, the first is the Apr 7, 2011 - You probably need to set some state variables for each button first, to keep track of what's been clicked and what hasn't. Previous Place conditions on separate lines in if , else..if , and if..else statements. Something like: May 30, 2012 - For example i have: if (_root.main.ma4.team1.text = "specific text") { _root.main.ma4.testo.text = "works"; }else{ flash if-statement actionscript-2 and Flash CS6. Jump to How can I use if? - In the above code, the words 'I am happy!' is traced if isHappy is true. You use the Flash CS4 Professional ActionScript 2.0. The basic syntax is the following: if (condition) { statement(s); } Here
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